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Welcome to Ostomy Covers by Linda

Manufacturer of Stoma bag covers for 34 years

Pink ostomy cover front

Stoma bag/pouch covers by Linda are beautifully, handcrafted covers made to fit every size of Ostomy Bag/Pouch following surgery resulting in a Stoma. i.e. Ileostomy, Colostomy or Urostomy. The covers come in a wide range of fabrics and are specifically tailored to fit each individual stoma bag, therefore making them perfect for men, women and child ostomates alike.

My Stoma bag Covers provide a wonderful solution to the clinical appearance and the itchy feeling you sometimes get when the plastic bag is next to your skin, especially in warm weather. The covers are made in polycotton which is very comfortable and fresh and it becomes 'just another piece of underwear'. They are washable and last for years and also increase your confidence and body image.

Examples of available fabrics

red lacy, click to enlarge

Red Lace

Marine Camouflage, click to enlarge.

Marine Camouflage

Dark Brown/Dark Skin Tone, click to enlarge.

Dark Brown/Dark Skin Tone

Black, click to enlarge



                  •  ‘A big thank you. I am absolutely delighted with them.The covers even match my bikinis, too!”
                  • - Sue
                  • ‘Many thanks, the covers really do make a difference’
                  • - Elaine, Merseyside